Vélez de Benaudalla.


     On the coast ofGranada, on a small hill, leaving their feet the Rio Guadalfeo, we can find Vélez de Benaudalla. It is surface physics consists of 79 km2 including thje Gorgoracha and Lagos.
At present the popullation is 3.050 inhabitants.
Their edges are:
To the north: Izbor, Lanjarón y Órgiva.
To the south: Motril y Salobreña
To the east: Lújar
To the west: Los Guajares
Height: 170 m above sea level.


     Vélez de Benaudalla has a mediterraneam climate In the winter temperatures around 7 degrees and in summer temperatures around 35.
It is characterized by not having abundant rainfall during the year.



     This town is very well comunicated by the N-323. It is about 56 km from Granada and 15 km from Motril.
To long this road there are various restaurants and it is frequented by tourits.
In excess of Vélez de Benaudalla passes the A-44.


    This town has a considerable seriority, but so far not well know which has been the historic evolution. This is due to the unit of Vélez de Benaudalla to Motril and the destrucion of municipal archives of Vélez de Benaudalla during the period of the civil war because of a fire.
However, it is likely that these lands would be exploted by different peoples that have been passed by our coast mediterranean, since the early settlements of peoples prehistoric until the arrival of the islamic people.
Vélez de Benaudalla, thanks to it, is a cultural wealth by the step of different populations trought its history, you can find:

  • The arab castle.
  • The chuch of Nuestra señora del Rosario
  • House Garden Nazari
  • Springs: El nacimiento, Fuente Nueva. el Torchal.


  • pestiños
  • Roscos de Vélez
  • Kid in vinagrette
Pot of fennel
  • Crumbs with flour
  • Cooking pot of snails with rice
  • Bread of fig
  • Polvorón


  • Moors and Christians
  • Pilgrimage of Santa Ana
  • Carnivals

     In this paragraph I tried to give a small historical intoduction about Vélez de Benaudalla. For more information visit:


     If we forget a bit the history and we are going to the reality of the moment, I can tell you that Vélez de Benaudalla is a calme town, with natural charm because of their springs and narrow streets where you have a travel back in time, and specially friendly people.